Stop Trying to Serve Everyone

Want to Sell More?
Stop Trying to Serve Everyone

They say “variety is the spice of life,” and one thing most of us business owners enjoy is that we get to do lots of different types of work, with different types of customers.  There are many benefits to this variety, but today I want to show you how breadth can hold your business back from faster growth.  While it may be counterintuitive, if your business focused on a narrower niche, you would likely find more new customers, faster.


I recently started working with an IT support company.  The owner was telling me about the different services they offer, and it was a very long list.  They help people set up smartphones and tablets; they help businesses install computer networks; they design custom software; they consult on technology workflows; …and I’ll spare you the rest of the list.

Their business had grown like this organically.  People approach them for many different projects.  They enjoy the variety, and they never want to turn down the money.

Sound familiar?  Yeah, many of us are in a similar situation.

Read the full article to understand the benefits of focusing from business consultant Evan Horowitz.

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By aiga-brandcentral
Published December 6, 2016
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