Position your worth

A common issue for creative agencies and designers, along with pretty much every business industry is being able to rise above the cheap alternatives of your product or service. There typically is always someone than can do your job faster, cheaper, and weaker than you. The point is for your clients or marketing teams to understand why you are of a greater value that this other party. Obviously, there are times one truly cannot compete with a company or corporation that can brutally undercut every job, and scoop up all the clients that don’t value the importance of design quality. —Oh well. You truly didn’t want those clients anyway, and as a creative talent one does not need to compete; one must create.

The more an individual or company creates, the better opportunities you have as a creative professional. One must embrace the opportunities they can offer from generating the work itself and know how to tackle those objections from potential prospects. Evan Horowitz, an entrepreneurial growth expert offers these threes point to educating a client in order to rise about these cutthroat alternatives that can charge much less.

  1. Reassure clients they are making a good choice
  2. Teach clients the differences between you and the cheap alternative
  3. Root these people out quickly, so you don’t waste your time.

Read Evan’s complete article of “How to Deal with Cheap Alternatives to Hiring You”.

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By aiga-brandcentral
Published December 4, 2016
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