BrandCentral May Event: Little Big Brands at SVA!

Production: A Love/Hate Relationship

At last, one of your most beloved brands is due for a packaging refresh. You debate which agency to partner with, craft a compelling design strategy, and write a comprehensive brief. You invest months developing and fine-tuning an impeccable new package. It nails the consumer insight, stands out on shelf, and all decision makers are finally aligned. You spend hours on set carefully placing water droplets on a flawless slice of mango. You shoot it and reshoot it. You finesse and retouch that little mango until it’s irresistible, noodle the text a millimeter here, a millimeter there. The package looks as perfect as perfect can be. Then it’s time for the technical work, translating the designs into mechanical files. Proofs fly back and forth and you scramble to reign in all the players – clients, pre-press houses, color separators, printers, co-packers/fillers and labelers. You travel to nowheresville and work through the night in the printer's confined back room, tweaking delta E's until you're delirious. As the sun breaks, it is approved for print and you breathe a huge sigh of relief. Weeks pass and eventually you dash to the store to view the package on shelf in all its glory... Gasp, your beautiful design looks awful. That label you tenderly nurtured is applied cockeyed. The distortion was applied wrong and looks like elephant skin. Circles are ovals and Roman text is now italic. The first 10,000 labels were red, but these look salmon. Where did you stumble in the process? In this session, speakers will dive deep into the world of production and discuss the need to elevate the discipline and bring it on par with its much sexier cousin, creative development. Production may not be the most high profile aspect of our business, but it is no doubt one of the most important, and often where projects fall apart.

Attendee takeaways:

  • Best practices for maintaining rigor and due diligence through the more technical (and often frustrating) production phases, to ensure that what the consumer ultimately puts in her cart is what was intended.
  • Speakers will share their anecdotes, gripes, guidance, and thoughts on what we still need to do as a design community to elevate creative, production, printing, and the “back-end” work to a higher standard
When & Where
Thu, May 21, 2015 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM EDT
SVA Branding Studio
132 West 21st Street
11th Floor
New York, NY